The Kelpie by Emma Weakley



In mythology, the kelpie is described as a strong and powerful horse. It is a white and sky blue colour and appeared as a lost pony, but could be identified by its constantly dripping mane. Its mane and tail are a bit curly. Its skin was said to be like that of a seal, smooth but as cold as death when touched. Kelpies were said to transform into beautiful women to lure men into their traps. They created illusions to keep themselves hidden, keeping only their eyes above water to scout the surface. The fable of the kelpie varies by region. The Kelpie’s mane is said to be a sky blue colour. The water horse is a common form of the kelpie, said to lure humans into the water to drown them. The water horse would encourage people to ride on its back, and once its victims fell into its trap, the water horse’s skin would become adhesive and the horse would bear the victim into the river, dragging them to the bottom of the water and devouring them—except the heart or liver. A common Scottish tale is the story of nine children lured onto a kelpie’s back, while a tenth kept his distance. The kelpie chased the tenth child, but he escaped. Another more gruesome variation on this tale is that the tenth child simply stroked the kelpie’s nose but, when his hand stuck to it, he took a knife from his pocket and cut his own hand off, cauterizing it with wood from a nearby fire.




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ok i’ve been staring at the one with Goofy and Pluto for like 10 minutes now and still don’t get it. Someone more clever or less innocent explain?

I think it’s funnier when people don’t get it

A raichu. More like a... RAI-chu. Get it?


Yer wit is as sharp as ever, Tacobby. Don’t cut yourself on it. You NEED A BADGE TO USE THAT OUTSIDE OF BATTLE ANYWAYS.

Well, Rai, maybe if you’d be better at putting up a fight, I’d HAVE one!

Safety walks in to the break room today, sees I have my glasses on my head, says:

"Make sure you keep your glasses on, you could be in danger without them"

I then respond:

"I’m not in danger. I AM the danger!"

I’m proud of myself.


From the Praise the Sun FB page - ended up on my wall and it belongs on Tumblr.


From the Praise the Sun FB page - ended up on my wall and it belongs on Tumblr.